Who we are?

RAF water sports centre aims to provide all wanting to unload and detached from everyday stress to bring in a much more favorable environment in nature, with clean air, water and various adventures: kayaking, canoeing, training, group canoeing, kayaking tourism , giving boats to rent for the weekend
Water sports have undeniable advantages. It is normal to ask "Is this a new experience for me"? Maybe it will help if you ask yourself: What kind of person you are and what you like?
Whether you want to escape the weekend of the big city and to clear your mind with the broader perspective of the dam and a little exercise?

Under normal conditions, rowing is not more difficult than going after we have the knack. Unlike the wheel or surfing, do not have to fall all season, while learning to turn. Most amateur kayakers are not addressed never without asking. My friends and I did it for the first time four months after we went kayaking and it deliberately, to test how we can tilt before turn. The overwhelming majority kayakers never learned to do the Eskimo scrolling.

However Kayaking can be a dangerous sport and entertainment. Although this is more for those who practice it more than you.
Welcome to RAF water sports centre and find your activity to mach.