Kayak trip part 2

Requirement for physical training during a trip by kayak: difficulty in rowing and exhaustion can be treated as covering the same distance on foot. Usually you will paddle 10-15 km. (3-4) hours a day, with long breaks to eat and walks of remarkable places. You need to be in relatively good physical shape and be flexible enough (for entry and exit of the kayak).

Equipment for the trip by kayak: There is no need to wear special equipment. We will provide you all the more necessary, but at a basic level you need: a pair of bathing shorts, top (best lycra) with long sleeves and shoes that do not mind wet (sandals or neoprene boots, even old sneakers) . You will receive an additional list of items for personal use, to take with you. We will provide you with everything you need for kayaking, including dry bag (for dry clothes and accessories) as well as equipment for camping, if it provides for the trip.

Tips for your safety - To practice canoe or kayak must:
To have primarily prudence, responsibility and common sense
Being able to swim
Always wear a lifejacket, anything that you know how to swim
And much more, but the RAF water sports centre will tell you all important tips.